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Click to get a 13 Meg QuickTime feel for the game

Harmonic Driving is part of the Brain Opera, an interactive music experience by Media Lab professor and composer Tod Machover. The Brain Opera premiered at Lincoln Center, New York City, on July 23rd, 1996. It then toured Europe, Asia, and the US, and is now permanently installed in Vienna.

Harmonic Driving is an advanced video-game-like 3D environment in which one can navigate an abstract musical landscape of twists and turns, influencing the musical progression of the piece as the game goes on.

photo © Webb Chapell

The piece was a collaborative effort between myself, Pete Rice and Rolf Rando. Pete's parametric music system and Rolf's artistic rendering engine enabled us to design a unique experience in dynamic computer-based entertainment. I oversaw the project, working closely with Rolf on the game design and visual aspects of the experience. The rendering technology we used went on to become the core technology behind ThinkFish, Rolf's company (now defunct - acquired by Viewpoint Datalabs).

Harmonic Driving Kiosk - click for large image