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Monday, November 17, 1997

Matt -- Love the web page. Excellent background color. Thank goodness you didn't use a 70s pallette (is that spelled right?). We'd be stuck with a shiny blue and brown pattern that might have matched Larry's shirt from Saturday night. Was intrigued by Mr Potatohead and had to play the game for a while. Must go back to the salt mines. Ardys

Wednesday, December 17, 1997

Matt, Glorious page! My only disappointment: not finding anything about the much-praised ImaginAction campaign to save the Niagra fruitbelt! It was great chattoing with you last night - I hope you have a great holiday, and good fun with the in-laws, and I would really like to make it up to Boston to visit you in Feb. Let's be sure to stay in touch! Always, Ross

Friday, April 24, 1998

Hi Matt, how is it going. I just had a friend ask me about puppetry, then I had a vague idea you had done something similar for TV when you were in high-school. But wasn't that computer graphics? Anyway, no big deal, but it inspired me to look you up and see what you're up to. The big news -- which you might have heard from Dave since he's invited -- is that I'm getting married in june! scary. -- Lisa Dusseault

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Things ain't as nice out there in boston. I was there for a couple days about a month ago and had to leave when I saw two surfboards strapped to a car on beacon st. it was real crappy and raining. wally's is an interesting place, tho'. adios, Chris Stein

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Things ain't as nice out there in boston. I was there for a couple days about a month ago and had to leave when I saw two surfboards strapped to a car on beacon st. it was real crappy and raining. wally's is an interesting place, tho'. adios, Chris Stein

Monday, May 25, 1998

Hi Matt... That was amazing. I've just been browsing your page, I'm afraid an hour is too less a time for me to investigate your works.I'd be back soon I am an architect from India, and I was admitted for Masters Program in Architecture in MIT for fall'98. Since I could not get my tuition waived I have accepted a fellowship offer for a one-year program at OSU-Columbus I bumped into info on Media Arts Program only recently and I can't resist being drawn into it. You seem to be a real coool graphic fundo...I am interested in how you could successfully balance your right and left cerebral hemispheres....complementing you visual skills by developing your programming knowledge.. can catch me at Ganesh Ramachandran

Sunday, May 31, 1998

Hey Matt, how are things? This is Matthew Barnabe from Nepean checking in to say hi. Cool page! I'll try to check in again soon. Matt


Thursday, June 11, 1998

Hey!! You have a great page!! I had fun creating my own family. I have my own Mr. Potato Head page: Http:// I'm also trying to set up a WebRing for Mr. Potato Head sites, and I'd like to add your site. E-mail me and let me know what ya think!! Thanks, Sarah

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

So I finally got around to opening my CHI 98 conference proceedings, and as I was flipping through it, I saw a picture of triangles. Then I see a blip about non-linear storytelling and I'm thinking, "Hmm, this sounds like the project that Dave Gorbet was telling me about yesterday." And voila, there's your byline. Great paper. Triangles reminds me of a multimedia prototype of a digital storytelling app I created two years ago. And thanks to your brother, I'm thinking that "electronic diorama-making" is my calling...

Friday, August 21, 1998

Gail Gorbett Wilson I checked out your page because I have a nephew that lives in MO. His name is Matthew Gorbett. One t is missing, but I have been told that history says we are all related down the line somewhere.

Wednesday, September 02, 1998

Just a littlle compliment on the tangible media group projects (all of them). As a student Interaction Design at the High School of Arts in Utrecht (The Netherlands), I was browsing the web and came across the Triangles project, which really interested me. Seeing people participate in these projects motivates me more and more. thanx.. Rob Augustinus

Monday, September 21, 1998

Hi my name is Jonathan, and I reckon that this site is ex!

-Jonathan Lawgall

Monday, December 14, 1998

hi! my name is amber martin and i think that your work is great! it takes so much skill to actually be good in computers and you sure have a lot of it. well just wanted to share my comments with you.hop you have a merry christmas and a happy new year! bye. 8c)

Tuesday, February 02, 1999

Hey Matt, Great work at keeping your website up to date! Where did you find the Nixie-tubes (great name... will have to use that somewhere)? Best wishes, A.

Tuesday, March 02, 1999

Roots-George gorbet


Sunday, March 21, 1999

Hi Matthew, Neat page! Hope the wedding plans are going well. Take care. Love, Annette Thiessen

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

Awesome webpage and portfolio Matt! Loved your portfolio. Excellent photography as well. You have certainly packed a lot in your years. Very inspiring. Good talking to you the other day. banny

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Hi Matt! Kathryn Gimple here from sunny Sacramento. Just wanted to tell you guys I loved the cool save-the-date mailer... Especially the map with The Red Danger Zone on it! Take care and we'll hopefully see you soon--

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Dear Matt, I really love your page. Remember the great times we had at the Lab? All those late nights! ;-) Anyways you saucy silvery tongued devil. Let's do the bars when you get back to San Fran. Big Joe.

Monday, May 31, 1999

Matt - Loved looking at your site. Squeaky clean! :-) I am really inspired by all the work you have done taking interactivity to new heights/depths. I am not worthy! Hope to catch you and Susan again soon - its so great to be able to talk about the whole wedding thang with someone else who's going through the same thing. I love it! Jenny

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Matt, Interesting web-site. I found it by typing in my name "Gorbet". I didn't there wre too many people with my name. Henry

Saturday, August 21, 1999

Hi Matt - I found your site through your family's donation to in honor of your wedding. Congratulations to you and Susan! And kudos to your family for honoring your wedding in such a great way. Best of luck to both of you!

Saturday, August 21, 1999

My sweetie and I go to the Hunger Site each day to make a donation and were moved by your sponsorship of the site. Congratulations to you and your family! What you have done is a truly remarkable way to celebrate. May your marriage always reflect the spirit in which you have begun. Peace, Hewitt & Ginger

Saturday, August 21, 1999

Thanks for sponsoring the Hunger Site. What a wonderful way to celebrate two marriages! May you enjoy many happy days together...


Saturday, August 21, 1999

Thanks for your donation to the hunger site! Cheers from Vancouver,B.C. ..jenn

Saturday, August 21, 1999

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to fight world hunger. I wish your family happiness in joining with another. Alan Roth

Saturday, August 21, 1999

Thank y'all for sponsoring The Hunger Site! Cool idea, to commemorate your wedding with a community show of love. Oh, and congratulations to you and Susan -- may God bless your lives together. Hank in Virginia (that sounds like I wrote Dear Abby, doesn't it?)


Saturday, August 21, 1999

Dear friend, I have never met you, or your family, but your idea of sponsoring the Hunger Site for the wedding weekend (I'm guessing it's the same one) is nothing short of marvelous. It's people who think as you do who are going to make the 21st century so much better for heart and soul than this one has been. I wish you blessings, love, and laughter for all your lives together!

Saturday, August 21, 1999

I think what your parents did to sponsor the Hunger Site for two days is great! What an inspiration. May God bless your new family.


Saturday, August 21, 1999

It is wonderful what your family has done to celebrate your marriage...sponsoring the hunger site. Though I don't know you, congratulations and blessings!

Saturday, August 21, 1999

Thank you, in the name of all hungry people in the world, for you wonderful initiative!

Saturday, August 21, 1999

We send Matthew and Susan our best wishes for a long and happy life together. I think your family's gesture on the hunger page is splendid. We have been married 30 years and we hope you have as much love and fun in your lives as we have. Celia & Victor

Sunday, August 22, 1999

Thanks to your family for sponsoring thehungersite. It was a lovely gift. It would be especially nice if your example leads others to emulate your action. I hope there is an ground swell of individual and family sponsors now. Jayne W. Dye, MD


Sunday, August 22, 1999

What a wonderful way to celebrate happy occasions! I visit The Hunger Site every day to make a donation, and your sponsorship was one of the most unselfish acts I've seen in a long time! Congratulations and here's to many, many, many happy years together!

Sunday, August 22, 1999

What a sweet site. Linked in from the hunger site just to who the sponser was. I'm impressed. dc

Sunday, August 22, 1999

All good wishes to you and your bride and many thanks to your family for this gift to all of us. Here is a Turkish wedding greeting: Bir yastikta kocayin = May you grow old on the same pillow.

Sunday, August 22, 1999

thank you for supporting the hunger site . i admire you . i just found out about it 2 months ago. what a great way to help fight famine.

Sunday, August 22, 1999

Just want you to know, I thought it was great that you're supporting the hunget site.


Monday, August 23, 1999

Best wishes on your wedding and thank you for sponsoring the Hunger Site.


Monday, August 30, 1999

Hi Matt, very nice pages. SUPERB DESIGNS, BLUE COLORS..... We are running a nice project with the MEDIA LAB named LINCOS ( little Intelligent Communities ) and I was browsing MEDIA LAB pages trying to find people who wants to help us in our project-. Your experience on design, computer sciences, visual design, visual arts sounds pretty good. But now I understand you are at XEROX PARC. Maybe next time. Some suggestions for LINCOS LOGO ???? Thanks. Dr. Juan I. Barrios MD LINCOS Project Director Costa Rica Foundation for Sustainable Development San José , Costa Rica

Sunday, October 17, 1999

Matt; I'm a first year student at UCVF in BC and I have to say that a lot of what you're doing not only beyond me but is also amazing. I am currently enrolled in the FA department and am taking an electronic arts class. I have tried to build a machine that simulates one of those old spilrograph toys but have run into endless mechanical and electrical problems. Mounting an effort to create electronic pieces such as yours requires a lot of talent and a hell of a lot of practical and technical understanding. I'm in awe. Hope you post some of your new stuff if you get the chance. eric madill

Monday, November 01, 1999

matt - well, i'm now up to six well designed sites on the internet, after a lot of looking. love yours. jofish


Monday, January 31, 2000

Hi Matt!! 'Member me? I hope things are well with you and your family. Congratulations on your marriage! I was just poking around, looking for Dave's email address and found YOU!!! Great website, some of that stuff brings back memories (brian with long flowing blond hair). Do you still have any tape of our wacky road trips to Montreal? All the best to you, Matt. Teena Denny

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Matt: I was just browsing xerox pages in the hopes of re-inspiring myself for another late night of work. Yes, I'm at another startup company looking to milk the internet bubble - kind of: but we are more interested in developing a product to re-define human interaction in a large social context and in a very specfic field. I feel like I am primarily an artist as well - been through the loop, graduated as an architect, worked as a model and a photographer, artist, pushed graphic and product design and now I'm experimenting with software product design in SF. Maybe you'd like to contribute your ideas to our effort. Feel free to email me - and BTW I love the home page box..... Saaket

-Saaket Sethi /

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

My name is Patti Edmundson and I am currently living in Dallas, TX. I was actually doing a bit of research for work today when I happened upon your site.... I must commend your creativity and the ease of flow throughout-- BRAVO! I just love creative people! :)

Sunday, July 16, 2000

Cool webpage... I have absolutely no idea how I got here; the link just spontaneously popped up in Netscape. heh... gremlins? I like the whole cereal box theme. cute..

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Hello Followed your Old House Web links here. Nice site! I had no idea that there are people who so fully combine arts and technology (ie in the same person!) Greetings from Cambridge Ont.

Sunday, September 17, 2000

Matt, I stumbled in here completely by accident. The design and layout of the page really struck me... positively! I also couldn't help but notice the proud Canadian poking through. I'm also a Canadian living abroad. I particularly liked your 'Idea(l) Object', and think your use of the cereal box is the most unique thing I've seen on the web. Thanks, Steve Matthews, Köln