matt gorbet




o a u g u s t         1 9 9 5
o S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 5
o o c t o b e r       1 9 9 5
o n o v e m b e r     1 9 9 5
o d e c e m b e r     1 9 9 5
o j a n u a r y       1 9 9 6
o f e b r u a r y     1 9 9 6
o m a r c h           1 9 9 6
o a p r i l           1 9 9 6
o m a y               1 9 9 6
o j u n e             1 9 9 6
o j u l y             1 9 9 6
o a u g u s t         1 9 9 6
o s e p t e m b e r   1 9 9 6
o o c t o b e r       1 9 9 6
o n o v e m b e r     1 9 9 6
o d e c e m b e r     1 9 9 6
o j a n u a r y       1 9 9 7
o f e b r u a r y     1 9 9 7
o m a r c h           1 9 9 7
o a p r i l           1 9 9 7
o m a y               1 9 9 7
o j u n e             1 9 9 7
o j u l y             1 9 9 7
o a u g u s t         1 9 9 7
o s e p t e m b e r   1 9 9 7
o o c t o b e r       1 9 9 7

o c u r r e n t

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Friday, September 01, 1995

hey matt

this is ian.

my user name is egern

just playing with the stuff

-Ian Ingram

Saturday, September 02, 1995

Howdy, My name is Carl and I am an advertising senior at the University of Texas at Austin. I am taking a class called Advertising on the Internet. I, personally, am an Internet novice but, trying to learn quickly. I am interested in the art production side of advertising and I am always looking for good source art and fonts. If you have time mail me back.

-Carl Lein

Monday, September 04, 1995

Hmmmm, Matt, everyone leaves such nice messages to you in this guest book. Except for that very very first, "ALOIS", entry. What the hell was that? Don't you have some filter to screen out such drivel from this otherwise handsome home page?

-Marc Sommer again

Tuesday, September 05, 1995

Matt, you page is awesome. I'm highly impressed.

-Jesse Geraci

Wednesday, September 06, 1995

Hey Matt, Your page is really cool. Fun stuff...

-Tracy Back

Saturday, September 09, 1995

Hi! I'm a working girl - unfortunately, I suffered the trauma of graduating from college back in '89 - but I'm hanging out at Rice today. My husband is a grad student here, and I'm using his account. Anyway, I fiddled around with Mr. Potato- head and found it amusing. So, you want to go to San Fran after you graduate? I've been there - I used to live in the area - it's pretty cool. You can get some wonderful food in Chinatown. There's some good theatre in S.F., too: check out the not-so-famous area theatres for some modern stuff. Good Luck!! 'Later....

-Beth M.

Sunday, September 10, 1995

Hi Matt. Are you really Mr. Potatoe Head? Where in Cananda are you from? Why do you want to move to San Francisco? I went to school at Berkeley, and went into the city quite often. Of course, that was a few years ago...It has changed quite a bit since then! As have I. I think your page is cool, and one of the more interesting ones I've come across since I starting playing on the net (2 wks now). How old are your brothers? I know a nice girl...


Wednesday, September 13, 1995

Hey baby heh baby heh baby! We're stumbling along without you. T's threaten to arrive anytime now. Drop a line when you have a chance!


Friday, September 15, 1995

Hey Matt! My name is Stacie. I'm a senior communication designer at Carnegie Mellon University...just cruising the net. This semester I'm taking an interface course, designing for the net, interactive stuff, designing the Design Department's home page, etc. So, thought I'd check out what MIT is up to. Nice stuff Matt! Hey-have a great time in San Francisco! If you meet a girl named Whitney Bailey, tell her Stacie said Hoi! I met her in Switzerland last semester. Said she was heading for the bay. Anyway, thanks for the entertainment! Mr. Potato is really fun! :)


Saturday, September 16, 1995

Hello friend, your potatoe game is pretty cool, but I can't make it work past creating the first potatoe starchy guy.


Thursday, September 21, 1995

Yo Matt, Wow, I am very impressed.... an incredibly well-designed page. It really makes me want to simply delete my homepage and start from scratch !!

-Ben Adida