tensegrity blue matt gorbet






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  • 4.5'x4.5'x6'
  • rubber, acrylic, fluorescent tubes

Tensegrity Blue was created for Burning Man, an annual art festival held each year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Its presence intrigued and delighted passers-by, and by night it provided a great landmark for finding our camp.

I've always been fascinated by tensegrity, a term that Buckminster Fuller coined for a structural technique pioneered by sculptor Kenneth Snelson. The elements of the structure provide only tension or compression, and arranged so that none of the blue compression elements touch one another. The result is a balanced form which reacts to any disturbance: wobbling or pushing the blue beams vibrates the whole structure symmetrically.

Making this piece also gave me an opportunity to play with fluorescent lighting and the intricacies of lead-core double ballast wiring, something I've grown to respect deeply.