The Glyph-O-Scope matt gorbet






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The Glyph-O-Scope is a device that was built as part of XFR: Experiments in the Future of Reading project.

Using a Xerox PARC technology called DataGlyphs, the Glyph-O-Scope enables visitors to decode hidden information from specially printed cards. The information creates an overlaid image which augments the image on the cards and remains aligned even as the cards were moved around and rotated.

The physical design of the Glyph-O-Scope incorporates a digital video camera, an LCD display, a half-silvered mirror and a fiber-optic illuminator into a lens-like device, co-designed by myself and Shilajeet "Banny" Banerjee. The user interaction is simple: when a card is placed under the lens, its DataGlyphs are decoded automatically and the augmented image is projected, visually aligned with the physical position of the card.