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Snapfish: Sharing an Album

- Snapfish
- July 2000 - August 2000

Snapfish is an online photo developing, printing, and sharing service. Customers send in rolls of film, then Snapfish develops the film, scans the photos, and mails back the prints and negatives. The scans are put into online photo albums. Digital camera users can also upload photos into albums. Then customers can invite friends to view photos online by "sharing" an album.

Click to see the Snapfish screens in a larger size
New: choose album   New: email addresses   New: write invitation
   1. Choose an album            2. Enter email addresses          3. Write the invitation
Interaction Design: Susan LK Gorbet
Visual Design: Adina Nystrom and Charmaine Wyland
Creative Direction: Susan LK Gorbet

The album sharing process was one of the first things that I re-designed when I arrived at Snapfish. I started with user tests to help the other members of the team understand why it was difficult. Then we turned the existing small panel into three full html pages that lead customers through sharing an album. Although creating more pages might sound counter-intuitive, sharing is now far easier, and the statistics on shared albums have made even the skeptics happy. Old sharing interface  
The old sharing interface 

More on the Sharing an Album design process

Screenshots ©2000,2001 Snapfish.com Corp. Snapfish and the Snapfish logo are trademarks of Snapfish.com Corp. Used by permission.

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