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Cinema No Hako

- Silicon Graphics/Nippon
   Telephone and Telegraph
- March 1995 - January 1996

Cinema No Hako ("Cinema in a box") was an interactive television (ITV) application that allowed Japanese users to select, preview, and watch pay-per-view videos. It was built as part of a larger ITV trial called "Zoetrope", which was launched with great fanfare in Urayasu City, Japan in January 1996.

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Interaction Design: Susan (Kropf) Gorbet
Art Direction: Lisa Waltuch

The innovative interface took advantage of the vertical/horizontal nature of Japanese writing, combined with the limited "arrow key plus select button" interaction available on the Zoetrope remote control. Vertical arrowing changed the genre of movie displayed, while horizontal arrowing changed the title in the highlighted position. The highlighted movie preview played automatically in one corner of the screen.

This interface removed the need for multiple selections and screens while browsing through the ~200 videos that it was intended to contain. User testing in Tokyo confirmed that the interface was simple and intuitive for Japanese users. NTT and SGI patented the Cinema No Hako video-on-demand interface in Japan in 1996.
More on the Cinema No Hako design process
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