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Virtual Makeover

- Excite@Home for Procter&Gamble
- October 1999 - November 1999

Procter & Gamble partnered with Excite to create a web-based "virtual makeover" that enabled teen girls to upload a picture of themselves and try on various new looks. Girls could change their hair, makeup, and accessories, and then choose to save, email or print the result.

Click to see the full-size makeover screen shot

Interaction Design: Susan LK Gorbet
Art Direction: Grey Interactive

I created flowcharts and many versions of the page schematics before I changed jobs to become the Director of User Interface for Excite.com.

The application was implemented by an outside agency after I left, but my documentation was thorough enough that they implemented it with very few changes.

Schematic for choosing a hairstyle

Part of the Virtual Makeover flowchart.

Why isn't the makeover still online? Read the story.

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